Streamlines temperature management and get 24/7 access to independent data

CustomTrak is a real-time temperature tracking solution tailored to the specific needs of your business, whether your core service is transporting perishables in refrigerated fleets or monitoring the temperature of a static environment for compliance.

Streamline temperature management with CustomTrak

Vision Trak streamlines temperature management as provides an independent method of tracking real time temperature.

Accurately records temperature and time of both the ambient environment and the product held within a refrigeration unit within +/- 0.1oC

Records when vehicle ignition is on or off

Record and reports temperature before doors open at each delivery

Transmit data every minute with a vehicle report sent 5 minutes prior to delivery

Receive an email, SMS or a triggered Webpage Alert when >8oC or <-12oC for more than 30 minutes

temp report

Ensure of HACCP Compliance


Cold chain is an essential link in ensuring food safety and reducing foodborne incidents. Whether your business is focused on the growing, processing, packaging, transporting or retailing food, you have a duty to comply to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

CustomTrak captures the temperature in real time and makes this data available on your portal for ease of reporting purposes, making your compliance duty much more manageable.


Mitigate disputes and reduce the manual aspect

Moving refrigerated fleets often require drivers to manually check and report on a temperature at a point in time. Despite this being common practice, the method is flawed and heavily reliant on your drivers whose KPI is to achieve high number of deliveries per hour or day.

CustomTrak will help mitigate disputes between Clients, Distributors, Management, Drivers over the actual Temperatures and alleviate the pressure of maintaining correct data for HACCP or Quality assurance bodies.